The premier Sassy Southern Sewing event is a reality!

Sassy Southern Sewing seemed to overtake the Embassy Suites Conference Center in San Marcos, TX last week, with those Sassy Sewing Sisters everywhere you turned! The First Annual Sassy Southern Sewing event is a success — from what we hear, the classes were wonderful, the Instructors Extraordinaire lived up to their title, the venue was delightful, the food was great, there was not one single electrical glitch (which means the electricity was incredible), AND the air conditioning worked so well, some folks had to step outside in the 98-degree heat to warm up!

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who was a part of this event — from the volunteers to the instructors to the assistants to the SSS friends & family to the attendees to the spouses to the Embassy staff. EVERYONE was crucial to the success of the event. What an amazing experience for our first effort!

Stay tuned for the details of Sassy Southern Sewing 2016, soon to follow.

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